Let’s Get Started!

Here are the steps you need to follow to get you on your way to building a professional portfolio of your work, along with TOP exposure and personal promotion. I have built a LARGE following with editors and my own Instagram and Facebook. You *will* be seen more!

Steps to Success

1. Pricing – Review

Spend time reading my pricing plans to familiarize yourself with the costs and time involved. No prepayment wished. I will bill when we are finished, because of variables in shipping.

2. Fill out ‘Publication Info’ link

This is the base of information which I *need* and I send to all Editors and Writers. It also includes choices for prints and preferences for display (if you prefer).

3. Review my Shipping page

The logistics and careful shipping of cutlery needs to be done smartly. I offer tips and give you easy requirements. Once we are confirmed on schedule, box carefully and SEND it!