Capturing the Artistry and Significance of Handmade Knives



No one needs a handmade knife, they have to *want* it.

It is this philosophy that has helped me create a style and display method that is superior to many single, individual images. The composition shot allows the casual viewer to scroll around the image making comparisons and taking in new information. The single sideview displays dramatically and uncluttered.

There will ALWAYS be an important place for still photography.

Let’s get Started!


Unsurpassed Promotion!

My images are shared WORLDWIDE. YOUR work gets *seen* WORLDWIDE!

USA, Europe, Australia, Middle and Far East, even Russia.

   Social Media ROCKS !

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube. *Everyone* is watching.

   Print Magazines Worldwide!

Blade, Knife, Knives Illustrated, Knives Annual, Excaliber, La Passion de Couteax, Messer, Australian Knife, coffee table books and even more. 

What We Offer

Portfolio Images – Makers

The reason for a professional quality Knifemaker Portfolio image serves two main purposes:

  • Promotion – To keep YOUR work visible in the forefront
  • Posterity – A visual record of your styles and growth

Knifemakers need to show their best pieces to prospective buyers, and a record of this work will serve to establish their styles and value to the viewers. All portfolio images include: MY social media promotions, magazine submissions, print(s), high resolution file, and a web display image. All to use as needed.
Every image I will post on Instagram with a link to your own page, or your Facebook/website, etc. At 100,000+ subscribers, I guarantee extra exposure. Be ready!
Every Portfolio photograph is submitted to at least (8) editors of USA and Worldwide print publications. Although I can only guarantee the editors receive these images, the percentage of SBC images which make it into print is substantial.

Portfolio Images – Collectors

Collectors often invest thousands on their knives. My work can add even MORE value!

  • Photo Print and Digital Display (Most knives are locked away. One can openly show and ENJOY their collections visually with pictures.)
  • Resale (This reason alone can earn MUCH more than the cost of the image.)
  • Promoting a knifemaker’s work, will help their long-term sustainability, including the aftermarket.
  • Insurance records.

Short Video Promos

I use a DYNAMIC display which is short, impactful, and enhances even further the beauty and details.

  • Priced VERY affordable!
  • Dark neutral background
  • 360° vertical turntable viewing
  • Music to add emotion
  • Includes our static still photo
  • Maker and Knife info embedded into the vid
  • Enhanced highlights and shadows show RICH details

Dealers + Sales Images

The world of Custom Knives is NOW driven through the internet. The ability to admire and purchase a quality handmade item in the comfort of our homes is inescapable.
What is also inescapable is how the web can only display a 2-dimensional image of this object, so it BETTER BE A GOOD ONE!
My montage images have proven themselves to be the most successful display vehicle to close a transaction.
Included in any dealer service package are up to three sized website images:

    • Thumbs (120-250 pixels wide)
    • Medium (500-900 pixels wide)
    • Large (900-1500 pixels wide)
  • All images provided can have an included dealer’s watermark.
  • These lower-cost shots do NOT include hi-res images, prints, or submissions.
  • CALL or EMAIL to discuss rewarding pricing options tailored for your needs and my workload.