A Love for the Craft and the People

We are inspired by your artistry, awed by your skills, and gratified through your friendships.

We are a Family Business. I do a majority of the actual photo work, but my wife Susan, and my son Trevor are invaluable in the process. You will meet one or both at the shows we frequent. Susan helps write ups and the clerical stuff, while Trevor will pick-up and deliver your projects. They are BOTH impressively efficient.

We travel to many Shows through the year: Las Vegas, Little Rock, Fort Worth, Boise, Atlanta, Texas, Montana, Sydney, Australia, and New Jersey. Whew!

We tell anyone we can how INCREDIBLE the knifemaking community is. If you are reading this, YOU are one of them, and you ‘get it’. 

Thank you for supporting us and for being so gracious.

Jim, Susan, and Trevor Cooper


Photography By Trevor

& Concert Violinist

One Artistic Presence? No, there are THREE!

As a Father, I am also SO proud of my son. He impresses (and surpasses) me with his eye for capturing nature, landscapes, and interesting visions, which I simply overlook. He has a gift.

I allow him to do ‘his thing’, and like myself later in my life, photography will very well be a MAJOR and integral part of his life.

Susan impresses ALL of us: She reads complex classical music and plays violin in the American Chamber Orchestra, and pit orchestras for the famed Gilbert and Sullivan light operas. Susan is *always* rehearsing for an upcoming concert. Ask her!