SharpByCoop Photography Objective:

The Inside Purpose Revealed

‘To provide emotionally-charged images which create desirability and an interest to purchase.’

That’s it in a nutshell. My expertise is valid, and it’s real. There is another page devoted to my equipment, but that’s not what makes my work stand out.

Makers take pride in their work, and want to show it in its best form. Knife photography is good marketing, not journalism. The lighting and layout methods I use enhance the photos, not beyond real, but up to the level of appreciation that a handmade object deserves.

The knives are on stage and the show has begun!

Specialization creates expertise.

I treat my business with 100% focus, and sprint to the opportunity for immediate and friendly communication. The fact that this is my part-time job will surprise most. This is not an impediment because it has forced me to focus on one thing only: Knife Photography. My follow-through is prompt, and my clients and publishers alike enjoy the output.

I also collect and use Custom Knives.

I have purchased over one hundred custom knives, most I still own. I got started in photography, doing what every eager new collector does: Showing off their latest knives. I discuss the knives every evening on Knife Forums, and I enjoy the dialog with makers and collectors. In a word, I am PASSIONATE about them.

You have four choices:

You can use me.
You can use someone else.
You can do it yourself.
You can do nothing.

I suggest you do something. In the past I have taught more folks HOW to take decent photo of their knives for display through an online forum tutorial. I do not feel threatened, nor has it affected my business. Quite the reverse, actually. 🙂

Invest in yourself. Work with quality. Don’t be indecisive.

Jim Cooper