SharpByCoop Photography Equipment

We have kept up with technology right from the outset. The current setup has (5) major components--and one you won't see. Read on....

1. Camera: The Canon EOS-6D Mark II is a 26mp full-frame DSLR capable of producing poster-sized prints and 35mb RAW files. My style of shooting requires I be mobile and dynamic, shooting at many angles, and so this camera is ideal for my fluid style. Like many fashion photographers, I prefer not using a tripod.

2. Lenses: To utilize the benefits of such resolution I concentrate on fixed-size macro lenses. I rotate 40mm, 50mm, 70mm, and 100mm lenses as the size of the objects require, and I utilize a circular polarizer filter to optimize or reduce highlights as needed. These lenses produce finer detail from corner-to corner, even better than a good telephoto lens. I also have a Canon 24-105L for anything else.

3. Lighting: The absolute key to great images. My setup, whether at a show or in my studio is the same: I have two Dynalite 400w/s monostrobes pouring light into a custom tent diffuser of my own design and build. I position a variety of table mirrors to help redirect the light inwards.

4. Processing: Both the 27" iMac w/5k resolution, and Adobe Photoshop are the highest standards in the photographic industry. In my studio and on the road, for captures only, I tether to a Lenovo PC directly linked to the camera with a large monitor for viewing.

5. Printing: The Epson Stylus Pro 3880 is a medium-format printer capable of HUGE prints. Most importantly is the long-term quality of the the inks and paper, and the exact replication of the image from monitor to paper. I have never been so pleased with a printer's output.

6. Skill: The most important piece of 'equipment' is the technician's methods, knowlege, and artistry--which I strive for. (You would agree in your fields also!) The best equipment in the world is of no value to a mediocre talent, and the most primitive of tools can give stunning results in the right hands.